Student/Parent Testimonials

"Thank you for making this program, it has inspired me to write long and interesting stories and it has really been entertaining making stories with you guys. I also feel like after I joined CWC, I have improved my typing and writing skills and it has helped me a lot in school. I hope you guys will have amazing stories for us to write! THANK YOU, CWC!"

                                                       -Meghna, 4th grader

"I liked the class very much. It was mitigating, and I enjoyed it. I am happy with this 😊  You guys are nice, and no doubt that this might be my best class!"                                                 -Mohnish, 5th grader

"I love Creative Writing Collaborative class because I get to express my love of writing through the writing. I would definitely recommend it" :)
                              -Mahiya, 5th grader


"It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!"                              - Sanjana, 5th grader


"I really liked this class especially when we did fractured stories. I improved my writing skills tremendously. My teachers, Deekshita and Zuha are amazing teachers. I definitely recommend this class to everyone!"

                                                  -Anonymous, 4th grader

"I absolutely loved it. I learned a lot of writing tips and it was so much fun writing stories and reading others. The founders were very entertaining."
                              -Anonymous, 4th grader


"Creative Writing Collaborative has inspired me to write bigger and better it has turned me into a good writer. I hope I get to learn more things as the year goes by. "

-Anonymous, 4th grade