Touchdown Confirmed!

The red planet, home to aliens, and the God of War. These all connect to something in common - Mars.

Over the years, humans have been incredibly curious about this planet. It might even be home to life. All scientists have been wanting to explore the peculiar planet, and we are sending a robot up there for the third time now!

On July 30th, 2020, NASA launched the rover Perseverance, and it recently just landed. The 293 million-mile journey ended on February 18, 2021. The Perseverance rover has a robotic arm with a drill bit to take a piece of Mars and put it into a test tube to bring back to Earth in future missions. This will help scientists have a better understanding of the rocks on Mars. The rover is also equipped with microphones and cameras, searching for microscopic life.

The landing process of the rovers was amazing. Due to the gravitational pull of Mars, Nasa needed a way to slow down the rover before landing. The seven minutes of terror were when the rover had to get from the atmosphere to the surface of Mars. This was so scary because the rover had to slow down all on its own. First, the rover had to locate the designated landing spot. This system has become so much more precise throughout the past three rovers. The second step was for a parachute to be deployed out of the rover and help it land. Finally, the rover let loose from the jetpack and the jetpack floated miles away and blew up.

In the future, scientists would like to build a colony on Mars. The rovers up there are helping us collect data on the mysterious planet. In the river delta, there could be signs that water was once on Mars. If we find more water, then humans could have a chance of being able to visit there. Mars is an overall bewildering but amazing planet and the rover´s launch has been an opportunity for us to quench our curiosity about the planet.


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