The Truth about St. Patrick's Day

People honor St. Patrick’s day the normal way, but did you know that there is a little secret behind that story. Let us start where this story really began... with Patrick. It all inaugurates in Britain where Patrick was born. He was a shepherd when he was 16 years old. Then, he was captured by the Irish invaders, DUN, DUN, DUN !!!!!

This is an article about St. Patrick’s day, and as I was saying, Patrick got enslaved by Irish invaders. He had to be held as a slave for 6 years. After that, he received a message from the gods, about an escape plan. He followed that plan, and that led him to the coast. He escaped from the docks and found another ship that steered to Britain.

He was saved and headed back to his family. He continued studying in Britain until he was ordained bishop. One day, a man named Victorious, from Ireland sent many letters, and Patrick got one. The heading of the letter said, “The voice of the Irish.” When he was reading the letter, he heard the voices of the Irish people.

There were many short tales of Patrick like one time he scared all the snakes that are in Ireland, but the thing was that there were no snakes in Ireland. Another short tale about Patrick is this one time used a three-leafed clover like the one on the bottom to explain “The Holy Trinity.” There are many other tales about him too. Ireland people always thought that four-leafed clovers bring good luck.

Many people celebrate St. Patrick’s day. The first people to make a parade on this holiday were Americans. New York was the city to make such a big parade for the holiday. This parade includes 200,000 participants, and nearly 3,000,000 spectators. Finally, on this holiday, we all wear green dresses and celebrate.


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