Snowy Day

“RING RING RING,” rang Samantha’s alarm clock. On a cold winter day, Samantha woke feeling cold like never before. She went downstairs to check if the heater was on but right when she was about to go downstairs she looked out the window and saw snow.

That morning when Samantha’s mom and dad were awake she went to check on the heater again but before when went to check on the heater she looked out the window and saw something very unusual. The snow wasn’t white it was green. Samantha went to go tell her mom what she saw.

“I don’t think snow is green Samantha it was probably just your imagination,” said Samantha’s mom.

“But mom I saw it,” said Samantha. Samantha took her mother's hand and dragged her to the window but this time the snow was white again. Samantha was puzzled but then she started to agree with her mom that it was just her imagination.

That evening Samantha asked, “Mom can I play in the snow?”

“Okay, but make sure you wear all of your snow gear, especially your gloves.”

“OK!” shouted Samantha from the closet looking for her snow gear. When Samantha had all of her snow gear on she headed outside and she was puzzled when she saw that the snow was ORANGE! Samantha was frightened and she ran back inside and this time instead of telling her mom she told her dad and her dad said

“Orange snow there is no such thing.”

“Come I will show you,” demanded Samantha. But when her dad looked out the window the snow was white again. Samantha started thinking she was crazy. Her mom heard her telling her dad everything about the orange snow and her mom said “I don’t want you playing in the snow anymore it is making you go crazy!” Samantha agreed not to play in the snow anymore even Samantha herself agreed that she was going crazy.

Samantha went to her room to take a nap when she looked out the window and this time the snow was white. Samantha sighed a sigh of relief and then a snowman appeared on the snow. Samantha snuck downstairs trying not to be seen or heard by her mother or father and she went outside and looked at the snowman. The snowman had a whole lot of detail to it; it had a scarf with red and orange stripes on it and it had a jet black hat and arms made out of sticks and the buttons were bright yellow like the sun. The hat of the snowman came off and a note fell out of it. The note said:

“This snow only comes once every thousand years and you have been chosen to find unusual things about this snow and it is your mission to find the key to free the snow god and then snow won’t be so rare to come. Are you up for the challenge?”

Samantha finished reading the note and was astonished. Of course, she would accept the challenge she loved the snow and wanted it to come every day of the year so she started reading the clue to find the snow god and the note read:

“Look under the leaf where all is hidden near the tree where all is written. Come to an end where all is seen and you shall find what you had been.”

Samantha was confused. She thought that this mission was going to be easy as pie, but really it was so very hard. Instead of worrying about the mission, she thought about the clue so she started finding a special tree but all of the trees looked exactly the same until Samantha saw it. A cheerful-looking tree was standing there not being blown away like the other trees were and Samantha ran to the tree eager to see if there was a leaf there and there it was a leaf. Samantha got confused again.

“Why is there a leaf in winter?” But then Samantha remembered what the note had read. “You will find unusual things about the snow.” Samantha picked up the leaf and it had a note on it. It read:

“You have found the key of gods. You have the ability to open the tree and free one and only one god.”

Samantha was filled with joy; she was speechless. She couldn’t believe that she was going to meet a god and especially the god of snow! Samantha finally came back to her senses and realized what or which tree did she have to open and right then the tree Samantha had been standing next to a small hole got carved into it and it looked like it would fit the size of the leaf and Samantha put the leaf in the hole and the tree looked like it got split in half and it opened up and Samantha found some kind of voice speaker that looked shiny as though it had just been cleaned and it was painted shiny orange and inside it was shiny gray. She thought that she could speak into the voice speaker so she spoke into it and Samantha said loudly.

“SNOW GOD!” and in a blink of an eye there stood a very big man covered in snow!

“Thank you for saving me, little girl. I thought that I would be stuck here forever and ever and ever,” said the snow god in a southern accent. Samantha didn’t say a word she just stood there in amazement at how large and nice the snow god was. The snow god had a face and body like a yeti and he had a beard which was snow and eyes that were big and black and his body looked like snow-covered him whole and you couldn’t even see his mouth.

“You should be rewarded for saving me. How about a bag of pure snow gold,” said the giant. Samantha took the bag which was awfully heavy and inside were all kinds of gems and there was a lot of gold and there was one thing inside which looked like a piece of ice but it wasn’t wet at all.

“That's called snow gold,” said the snow god. Samantha nodded speechlessly at the snow god.

“Well kid best be on my way. Hope to see you soon again.” WHOOSH WOOSH WOOSH! And in a blink of an eye, the snow god was gone. Samantha headed home and told her mother and father everything without missing a single detail and showed them all of the gems and the snow gold. That night her mother and father made Samantha sleep with them because they were scared of what might happen if the snow god comes back and meets them and Samantha slept well that night recalling every single thing that happened not missing a single detail. She felt proud and happy like she was a hero and soon enough she fell asleep.

The End

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