Floods in Indonesia Turn Water Red!

In an Indonesian village, during flood weeks, the rivers turned red! A lot of people shared photos of the red rivers. Some people even thought that it reminded them of blood. But actually, the rivers were red because of the dye used to make batik fabric.

Batik fabric is a popular type of fabric that uses dye (look at the picture to the left). During floods, the red dye that was being used in the factories mixed with the water to make the flood water turn red. This was not done on purpose though. Sometimes, depending on the dye the waters can change red and purple! Luckily, the Indonesian government says that the dye will go away when it rains in that area.

Also, people in Indonesia are scared about “hoax spreaders.” Hoax spreaders are people who tell lies about things. For example, if a meteor is coming to earth, then those hoax spreaders can say that the meteor is going to kill the human population. So that's why they are scared of hoax spreaders. They are scared because those hoax spreaders can say that the red water is actually blood.

While the story may sound scary, it is a simple case of dye mixing with floodwater.

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