Different Types of Jobs Open up at Walmart!

Because of Covid, there are now lots of new jobs at Walmart. The new jobs are personal shopper jobs to help with online orders by finding items, packaging, and delivering them. Walmart says it now has more than 170,000 of these workers now working these jobs. Walmart's online sales climbed 79% during the three months of 2020.

In related news, a Walmart worker in Flint, Michigan, said the personal shopper job was "chaotic" and "overwhelming”. The workers were rushing around to make sure every order was perfect and had all the things the customers needed. The Walmart in Salisbury, North Carolina used to fulfill up to 90 online orders a day. Now it is up to 200 orders. That made my jaw drop!

Because people want to be safe, people are doing more online shopping now than before. So, it's not surprising that the number of personal shopper jobs went up.

Credits: and google(for images)

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