California Company Creates Cleaner Roads

The company in California, TechniSoil Industrial is trying to make roads out of polymer waste, which is made up of rubber and plastic and can contribute to pollution. We usually use concrete, but the company wants to reuse the polymer waste to pave the roads. People cannot stop using plastic things; They need to use plastic almost every day. However, this company found a way to go around this to protect the environment.

California companies are trying to reduce the amount of polymer waste that there is. They started sending 42 truckloads just like the one above to drag the unusual waste. The government was about to get rid of it, but Dr. Rajagopalan Vasudevan came up with an idea in 2001 when he suggested that maybe the people can reuse the plastic to pave Indian roads.

If the idea of recycling was never invented, bad things could have happened. Animals might get sick, or plastic pollution could happen. Now that recycling is here, there is hope!

“Reusing can be art,” or in order words, it can come in handy!

The CEO of TechniSoil Industrial said, "We’re turning something meaningless into the single most valuable piece of infrastructure” - telling us how meaningful it is to recycle. Recycling can help us in many ways. It can be a tool to build. You can make things out of it. For example, to make a toy car, put bottle caps on four pencils, and tape the pencils on the bottom of a box

Remember, if you use plastic things, don’t throw them out, recycle them so that our environment can be the best!


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