Animals that Might Go Extinct

Many people believe that Animals will never go extinct but that is not true. Many animals have gotten themselves into many situations, so they might never be found ever again on earth. In this guide, you will learn about 4 animals that are pretty rare to come across. Sit back and relax while you learn about some animals!

Mountain Gorillas:

Many people might think that Gorillas are everywhere. Well, you are wrong. Since 2014 only 1,000 gorillas have been alive. Mountain Gorillas are born so that they don’t have too much energy. Most Mountain Gorillas' birth rate is too low so it is hard to fight diseases.

Amur Leopards:

Amur Leopards are going to be extinct. Amur leopards live in Russia and China. Amur Leopards are the rarest cat as well. In 2009, 29 Amur leopards were found alive. Most Amur Leopards stay alive once they are 21 years old.

Javan Rhinoceros:

Javan Rhinoceros might go extinct many years from now. This mammal eats fruits and leaves. Less than 60 Javan Rhinoceros remain today on earth.

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