All This Snow!

When this big winter snowstorm had happened, it had snowed 2-3 feet in different places. This snow was compact and it was not like this when the snowstorm was happening. Days after the snowstorm, the snow got hard and was hard to break. This huge snowstorm can cause car accidents on the road, too. The cars slide on the ice and get out of control. Lots of kids love when it snows so they can build snowmen and play in the snow! They have snowball fights as well.

Also, people’s cars that parked on the streets couldn't move for days because it was buried in snow. There was too much snow to shovel with a shovel. Some people couldn’t even go to work after the snowstorm because of this amazing white fluffy snow.

In Texas, when they had an extreme snowstorm they had a 160 cars crash on the highway. It has been snowing for at least a week now, but it wasn’t snowing for a week straight - as it was snowing on and off. But the largest snowstorm was on a Sunday into a Monday and as you know that was about 2-3 feet of snow, but it all depends on where you live.


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