3 Fun Life Hacks for Kids!

  1. Do you ever have a plain old little shelf sitting around your house, and also a kid who has nothing to do? Well, I have something perfect for you. Take some paint and cardboard. Paint the shelf, and tape the cardboard. Also, make sure you stick some pretend food in there. You just got yourself a mini kitchen for your kids!

  2. One day, suppose you have your phone in your hand and you realize that the phone case is soooooo boring. Well, I can also help with that. The only thing you need is some hot glue, colored hot glue would be better. Take your phone and put some kind of parchment paper on it. Then you have to take your hot glue gun and start making any design you would like. After that, let the hot glue set and you're ready!!

  3. Lastly, is there ever a time where when you go camping and you have to sleep in your car. Well, I have a hack for you. All you need is a thick blanket and some strong tape. Wherever you want, where you are camping, find two trees no too far apart. Then tape the blanket to the trees. And you got yourself a hammock.

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